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Great interative foreclosure map showing the nationwide foreclosure trends, since 2007.   A good sign that in South Florida the number of homeowners has decreased in all the major counties.  In Palm Beach County, Florida: Jan 2007 1 out of 818 homeowner’s were in foreclosure then by July 2012 that number dropped to 1 out 347 homeowner’s.  If you are facing foreclosure…YOUR LENDER WILL WORK WITH YOU!  Contact a local real estate today to evaluate your unique situation.  A successful short sale will have a much better outcome than a foreclosure.  In most scenarios where a financial hardship exist your lender will work with to do a short sale (at times the short sale lender will provide relocation assistance $$$$).  Call or email me today for more information on doing a short sale and/or avoiding foreclosure.  Ryan Jennings (561) 313-2627 or


Via Bryant Tutas-Tutas Towne Realty, Inc:

Hi guys. Here’s a very cool interactive map*** showing the foreclosure activity throughout the United States. In my area, Polk County Florida, 1 in 297 properties is in foreclosure. In 2009 it was 1 in 149. So I guess that’s something 🙂

Short Sales however have increased quite a bit. In 2009 only 763 short Sales closed in all of Polk County. Year to date for 2012 is 1,355. So Short Sales have more than doubled in the last 3 years while foreclosures are half what they were in 2009.

It looks like more people are being proactive and choosing to do a Short Sale over just letting their property be foreclosed. Since Florida is a deficiency State that’s a very good thing.

Doing a short sale at least gives the Seller/borrower an opportunity to negotiate an exit strategy to hopefully avoid a Deficiency Judgment in the future.

My experience is that most lenders will waive their deficiency rights if the Borrower does the right thing  and doesn’t just walk away from the property. Not only can you get your deficiency waived but you may also receive money at closing.

We’ve recently had some of our Sellers receive as much as $23,000 at closing. Now isn’t that better than being foreclosed on?

***The map came from: using data from Realtytrac.


short or stay

Do NOT be foreclosed on! Avoid foreclosure. Short Sales DO close.

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